In a world dominated by technology, search engines are of paramount importance. Among the various engines, Google is a must.

Google is a non-paid search engine. It is the search engine with the largest number of users in the world. The fact that it is the most used and the most visited comes from its operation and its referral system. Google no longer dominates only in terms of computer search engines

The creation of Google

Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Bin in 1995. They are two computer science students from Stanford University and they met at the same university. After graduating, these two friends decide together to create a search engine. To this, it is possible to reference your site on toulon. Initially called Blackrub, it was renamed Google in 1997. This name comes from Gogol which indicates the 1 followed by one hundred zeros, this indicates that the search engine would be able to process an incalculable amount of information.

In 1998, the company Google. Inc is created thanks to an investor named Andy Bechtolsheim who had already detected the potential of the two friends on a project prior to Google. The Google company. Inc. was initially based in Merlo Park, in a garage, before moving to Palo Alto in 1999. Later that year, Google’s Global Headquarters were located at MountainView.

Google’s growth

From the 2000s, the Google search engine was used more and more. It evolves over the years and continues to offer new features. In 2000, Google joined forces with Yahoo and already had a very large number of URLs. It begins to integrate into its functionalities, its famous search bar that the majority of the world knows today. This allowed users to navigate more efficiently. The installation of Google Ads will allow Google to obtain several partnerships since this application constitutes the advertising network of Google.

Google has since started to become more than just a search engine. In 2001, Eric Schmidt became CEO of Google. New features are added to Google the following year, they are Google News and Shopping. In 2004, Google already had more than 500 employees and it had more than 5 billion documents.

The services offered by Google

To develop, the Google company offers several services. In 2004, Google had its own mailbox, it was called Gmail. In 2005, Google added two new applications, Google Maps and Google Analytics, and also offered a video service that barely competed with the popular YouTube video platform. This prompts the company to buy Youtube in 2006, so it has the largest online video monopoly. Google also has a book host, it is Google Books, it currently has a catalog of billions of books.

With Google Earth, Google offers users access to satellite images of various places on earth. In order to compete with the mobile market, Google also buys Android, this allows it to compete with the Apple company. Google also benefits from an application host, Google Apps, a marketing application, Google Ads and its own browser, Google Chrome.

Working conditions in Google companies

One of the strengths of Google is the working condition on its premises. Indeed, Google is doing everything in its power to ensure that these employees are more efficient and stay motivated. It has several perks that are rarely seen in other businesses like healthy food, free drinks, gyms, transportation, knowledgeable doctors, restaurants, and even hairdressers.

Thanks to these working conditions, Google receives millions of applications every day. Those who already work in the company like it a lot, while those who are not want to be there at all costs. In addition, many Google employees are millionaires. As a result, the competition to enter is heavy. It should still be noted that the selection of employees is tough and requires extraordinary skills.

SEO in Google

Being a basic search engine, the referencing system in Google makes it essential to other search engines. Google’s SEO is the ability of its artificial intelligence to process the countless information it receives. Google uses a robot which analyzes all the data in Google, from that, this robot will choose the contents it will display first. The robot has great power, a powerful processor and a large database.