To surprise a loved one on their birthday, a surprise birthday party is an idea that is always welcome. Although being a classic, it always manages to impress the person concerned. But be careful, this person must be someone who likes surprises. Find out how to organize a surprise birthday party step by step. 


Look for accomplices for the organization of the party 

Before you think about organizing, you need to choose people who are going to help you. In addition to the technical details, they can advise you on the use of a take-out coffee cup and disposable dishes. These people should be close to the surprise guest and careful enough not to leak your organization.

Make the guest list 

This step takes place before the place of the party, because the latter must be able to accommodate all the guests. Invite people who will make the surprise guest happy. Get help from your accomplices in choosing these people. 

Choose a place, date and time 

This is where the organization really begins. You must find a place that is easy to access, capable of surprising and accommodating the number of guests defined. You can choose the home of the person concerned, that of a common relative, a party room, etc.

To set the date and time, you must find out about the availability of your guests as well as that of the person concerned. Do it discreetly, without arousing suspicion. 

Choose the theme of the party and manage the decoration

Here again, you must gather as much information as possible so that you don’t have a party to your liking, but rather to the taste of the happy of the day.

The theme of the party 

This is an optional, but would be welcome for an original party. The ideal is to choose a theme according to the tastes or passions of the person to be surprised. A party in the colors of Barbie for example if it is a fan of the character of Barbie. 

The decoration 

You need to decorate the place according to the theme you have chosen. If the party is going to take place at the lucky one of the day, then you have to find a way to distract him. He should in no case come to his home before the end of the preparations.

Send invitations 

Now that you’re almost done planning the party, send out the invitations. Be careful not to send paper invitations, because the one to whom the surprise is addressed can discover them. So you can use the internet . Send emails or messages on social networks. Otherwise, prefer physical interaction with guests to avoid any risk. Make it clear to guests that this is a surprise party.