The braking system is an element that ensures the safety of all passengers in a vehicle. Regular verification is required. It is also important to know how to recognize the signs of a brake problem, even if there are many. To help keep you and other road users safe, check out the top common issues.


Brake pad problem

The problem with the brakes generally concerns the components of the braking system. Among them, the brake pads which are wearing parts. When they wear out, a mechanical repair at an auto garage is necessary. Indeed, the braking distance lengthens if they are defective. Unusual noises are heard when braking. If the problem is not fixed, the entire system may be damaged.

Oil leaks

Leak problems can be identified by a puddle of brake fluid or oil on the floor. It is often visible, especially if the car is parked in a garage. In addition, the brake pedal easily sinks to the ground when this type of problem appears. 

Sticky calipers problem

Calipers are the parts that push the pads against the brake discs when braking. Sometimes they get stuck or seize causing problems on the road. Very often the car brakes while pulling to one side, which is potentially dangerous for the driver and pedestrians.

Brake disc problem

Like pads, brake discs are also wear parts. They may become deformed or overheated. When this happens, the steering wheel and pedal vibrate during braking. The car also has trouble stopping. ==>

Unusual braking distance

As noted, an unusual braking distance is a sign that the braking system is faulty. This is especially a real problem if it gets longer. Note that the brakes should be checked as soon as the car takes longer to stop. This problem can be considered minor, but can worsen quickly over time.

Presence of smoke when braking

It is obviously not normal to see smoke coming out of the brakes. It is even a serious problem that must be considered immediately. Two cases can arise: burnt brake pads or hydraulic leakage. In both cases, a repair is to be expected quickly.

Brake warning light coming on

As with all parts of the car, a warning light that comes on abnormally is never a good sign. An inspection is strongly recommended when the brake light comes on. All the elements must be checked: pads, disc, brake hoses, etc.